• Tamago car

    Mobile application that functions as an electric vehicle emulator. TamagoCar allows you get informed and see whether an electric vehicle fits your lifestyle

  • Situate

    The Situate app will allow you to access details about visitor attractions that have been added to the Situate platform.

  • Crowd aware

    Crowd-aware app gives you an easy way to show and tell your favorite brands.

  • Thermo Diem

    Thermo Diem will compare today's "feels like" temperature and compare it to how it felt yesterday.

  • Salat’una

    Salat’una app is an easy tool made for muslim prayer.

  • Perls Reading

    Perls Reading provides an online Vocabulary-based English Language.

  • Treat Me

    Treat Me mission is to bring you the best daily deals on experiences around New Zealand.

  • 1st Response

    1st Response was designed with countering emergencies in mind. It satisfies the following needs should any emergency befall you.

  • SMRT

    Collects audio recordings to test speech recognition technology

  • Eat.Well Europe

    EatWell Europe is the world’s first healthy food travel guide for Europe.

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