Case study: Healthcare Mobile App

12 June 2020


Case study: Healthcare Mobile App

12 June 2020

How to use the mobile app as a tool to optimize Healthcare costs?


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Who is a Client?
American product company in the field of providing a user-engagement solution for populations of patients and caregivers


What Business Tasks They Want to Solve?
Provide a user-engagement application on iOS and Android for hospitals and caregiver’s organizations


What Client Needs
The modern system for the interactions between patients and caregivers which allows to optimize the costs for patients, save the time, increase patient and
caregiver retention.


What methodology/technology did we choose to solve this problem and why?

Providing a dedicated team, working in a fixed and regularly recurring period of five workdays, provided the iOS/Android applications.


– Cutting edge management approach to organize the process and implement all the ideas in the tight deadline and budget with the highest quality.


– The delivery team and processes were built in such a way that the customer has controlled the backlog with their Product owner and controlled the budget


– Customized Scrum with Kanban elements allow to divide all the scope into separate sprints and release all the features iteratively


How Does it Work


– A remote team managed by the Project Manager, providing complete development and delivery cycle to the Product Owner from the client-side


– Project Manager provided by DMD-Binary executed all stages of the development process, controlled the task’s priority, traced the velocity and performance of the team


– The client did not spend time building management and organizational process


– The sprint plan of each two weeks made the client’s internal budget planning transparent and predictable.


1 STEP: Identify Important Business Processes


– Interviews with the customer and the Product Owner on the client’s side and work team were conducted.


– Business model Canvas and product vision formulated


– Roles and responsibility matrix have been described


2 STEP: Requirement Setting and Specification Development


– Development of a functional backlog with the Product Owner on the client-side, its prioritization, and creation of the scope of work and expected sprints


– Development of terms of reference in the format of Use cases, User stories, diagrams for a clear representation of the scope of work


– Documentation reduces the cost of support in the future


3 STEP: Development & Testing


– User interface design, UI/UX design allowed to prepare intuitive screens and navigation.


– Preparation of test documentation. The documentation reduces the cost and time for regression testing, support in the future, preparation of training materials


– Native iOS/Android development, Manual testing


– Creation and management of beta testing group consisting of patients and caregivers. Allows to collect feedbacks by functionality and stabilize the system until public release


– Monitoring and process management was performed by the Project Manager of our company. The client was regularly provided with status reports of the team, which allowed to build transparent and trusting relationships


4 STEP: Commissioning & Support


– Full support for registering accounts with the App Store & Play Market and setting up production environment


– SLA development, creating a system for collecting feedbacks from working groups


– A remote of full staff continued to work on the releases and support of the following product versions provided by the Product Manager on the client-side


As a result the client received the application for both Android and iOS platforms which helps caregivers and patients interact with each other by using the Applications functionality. This project was successfully made in a tight deadline without any budget increase and with the high appropriate quality of the product

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