We have great experience of cooperation with internet store and web sites. Simplicity, convenience and responsiveness are the principles the application for E-commerce should correspond. That’s the way we implement the projects which carry out the task and keep doing it nowadays.

Healthcare and
medicine apps

We develop convenient, nice and usable applications for projects from medical and health-care spheres. Medical appointment, schedule of reception, medical records –Our mobile applications make many time-consuming processes faster and easier. Our developments become an inherent part of people’s healthy life.

Gambling and lotteries

The Mirror prognoses 168 million online-casino users by 2018. We are experienced in development and launch of bright, attractive and reliable products for our clients. These are gambling applications where users satisfy their passion to gaming. Due to our developments these applications are more popular than the analogues.

Media intelligence

We make the news, articles, periodicals convenient. And also we create aggregates and UGC-applications. Due to our experience in this sphere and professional skills of DMD developers, our applications are the new product on the overstaffed market of mobile Media intelligence.

Food & Drinks

We know how restaurants and cafes could transfer the order, arrange delivery, write feedbacks and recommendations in a convenient mobile application. This decision is more beneficial than desktop or even adaptive web site. Our experience includes stylish and clear applications for food-industry and clients’ satisfaction.

Indoor & Outdoor Navigation

We create applications for effective navigation and providing user with content at the right moment and depending on his/her location. We have hospitals, retailing, parking, airports, car dealerships, exhibitions, museums etc. We develop solutions for iOS and Android.

Law enforcement agencies

Our company helps to form security and rapid response in law-enforcement structures. Our products help to keep in touch, to organize the group and assistance on time and in most convenient way. Due to the experience of working on such applications, we will create the most efficient product for you.


We create solutions for interrelated computing devices. Our portfolio has an app that gives a remote access to the vehicle's CAN bus. Also our coffee machine became smarter, and since then we’ve already drunk:
cups of coffee.

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