How To Hire The Best Remote Development Team

22 March 2020


How To Hire The Best Remote Development Team

22 March 2020


Hiring the right remote candidate is not an easy task for any company. But working with remote developers is exciting and an excellent experience to meet talented people.


Practical experience of lots of companies proved that remote hiring as an outsourcing method of engaging external professionals and finding the best ones offers numerous advantages starting from budget efficiency and up to more effective utilization of the company’s own resources.


There are lots of companies which hiring Ukrainian software developers for their project and they satisfied in collaboration with them. Before choosing Ukraine, many of them tried to find suitable IT specialists in Vietnam, India, the Philippines and other countries, but they could not find suitable personnel from these regions to achieve maximum efficiency.


The number of businesses thinking about Ukraine as a leading outsourcing destination and entrusting their projects to Ukrainian dedicated teams has increased.
Indeed, Ukraine is regularly found among top IT outsourcing countries in various sources.


The main benefits of hiring employees from Ukraine are:


Wide talent pool.


Ukrainian devs are among the most skilled programmers in the world, and they actively take leading places in international coding contests. They are hunted by the world-known companies such as Amazon, Google, Apple and others. The number of IT specialists in 2019 has reached about 200,000 people. Startup investments surpassed $290 million in 2018. Ukrainian software development companies are eagerly expanding their staff and are opening offices in new locations in the Ukrainian IT hubs. Moreover, quite a lot of startups (more than 2,000 companies) are increasing in size. According to Linkedin, technologies gaining the most popularity in Ukraine are Java (26,3%), C#(15,4%), JavaScript (13,8%), PHP (13,1%), and Python (8%). Ukraine is a top country for C++ engineers, Unity3D game developers and second for Scala, JavaScript and Magento.


Good tech education.


In the span of the last several years, Ukraine has been getting recognition concerning higher education institutions. With over 800 universities to study in, 36,000 students graduate from universities with degrees in IT-related fields. Ukraine boasts numerous educational opportunities (in Computer Science, AI, Data Science, IoT) launched with software development companies and IT clusters.




Ukraine based in the very comfortable time zone (GMT+2). If you are in Europe, your business hours will be practically the same as the working hours of your remote team. Though if you live in either North or South America, take the time difference into account when arranging your daily check-ins. Of course, this issue has a simple solution. All the conditions are to be discussed and agreed with your team beforehand in order to avoid miscommunication.




There are no problems with the English language. The biggest part of developers has a high level so you wouldn’t have a misunderstanding. Comparing with devs from other countries Ukrainians pay close attention to mastering English skills and a great majority have a good command of English, both written or spoken. Software development companies strive to hire developers with at least intermediate level of English.


Best price.


Commissioning your project to Ukrainian software development is a much more affordable option than hiring a specialist from the UK, the US or Australia. Despite the fact that the prices are lower it doesn’t make the quality worse. The ballpark figure Ukrainian companies charge according to Clutch.co ranges from $25 to $50. Ukraine has a much larger talent pool compared to countries bordering with Ukraine.


Loyal to clients.


Both, a client and a vendor are protected by the Ukrainian government fostering teamwork between foreign and local companies. Non-disclosure agreement allows customers to protect sensitive information. Most of Ukrainian IT companies go in line with intellectual property laws, so your ideas and developed solutions will not be shared with third parties or used without your consent.


Now we can definitely say that Ukraine is one of the best places to hire technical workers.
The abundance of technical manpower in Ukraine has caused more than 100 offices of world technical giants to operate in the country.
More than 65 IT companies from 17 countries created outsourcing development teams in Ukraine.
All that has been said above indicates that Ukraine is one of the developed European countries where IT talents are concentrated.


No matter the duration and specifics of the project, choosing the right remote software development team may be rather difficult, especially for the first time. However, if you know how to organize the hiring process properly, you can find a reliable software development partner that would contribute to your project’s success in the long run. So, we can conclude that Ukrainian IT-professionals professionals will successfully meet your expectations in the most suitable time using the optimal amount of resources.

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