Stories of success of our employees

1 March 2019


Stories of success of our employees

1 March 2019


We would like to introduce you the real stories of success of our employees, how they got to a company, their results and career achievements. We hope you could find it useful, or at least entertaining.


Before the start of my career in DMD I had good experience in iOS development. The vacancy of CTO contained new managing requirements. I was interested to try myself in structuring the technical processes of the company.

I came to two main conclusions at this stage:

–    Any time spent on code/process should be paid for.

–    Different people can understand the same task absolutely differently, so you need to apply an individual approach to everyone.

At the time of crisis in 2014 the company was on the verge of collapse. I had to face the choice – to return to iOS development or to become co-owner and try to get the company out of a slowdown. My partners and I started trying to do it.

It’s difficult to describe my feelings of managing the company. I realized that it is my cup of tea. It’s like to live in a rented flat or in your own one. You need to invest more efforts in development.

I succeeded in it because “balance is the key”. Balance between security and risk, permanence and growth, balance in allocation of funds and resources.

Complementing each other is really helpful in partnership. Our experience and skills differ, and it lets us to look at the problems at several angles and find the best solution.

And of course employees are the main treasure of the company.

Being co-owner I as well continue to maintain my development skills, taking the position of Lead iOS Developer in DMD.

Roman Stetsenko, Co-founder, Lead iOS Developer


I’ve been working as an English teacher in the University for 8, 5 years. It was my first job and I was fond of it. The greatest pleasure was the feeling of making something useful. I not only taught my students the language, somehow I influenced their life, and that enabled me to finish working day satisfied. There were other advantages at my previous working place, but the critical disadvantage was the lack of money. Almost all my friends were working in the IT sphere, I saw that numerous opportunities which were opened to them – possibility to earn enough money for living, travelling, also to work and communicate with young, interesting people, who are your colleagues, to have different corporate parties, team building events etc. I was craving all of these, so one day I decided to change my life with changing my work.

It is really challenging to get into the new sphere when you are 30. I had many job interviews, sometimes I was rejected, and sometimes I refused the offer, because I didn’t like the company-interviewer. Though I had a lot of pluses, I didn’t have the experience at all. It was a time, when I had several interviews a day, because it’s not easy to find the job of your dream. I remember my first interview in DMD Binary. I thought then that I really want to work here. I was offered much less money than expected, but I liked the interviewer, the office location, the description of my duties and responsibilities. While waiting for an answer, I stopped looking for a job, hoping to get this one. It’s been a year and a half now. My salary has been reconsidered 3 times already. I got the promotion. I started as an Office Communication Manager, I’m Chief now. I worked really hard, improved my skills, got new knowledge. It was scary at the beginning, but I always feel that I’m listened to, respected and appreciated. And here we have the best people ever.

Alina Koval, Chief Communication Officer


I had been working as a freelancer before I started my career in DMD. It was specific way of life. I wanted to have normal working hours, live communication with a team, and as I understood later, it helps you to be more involved in the process.

At the 5th minute of my job interview in DMD I’ve already realized, that I’m on the same page with these people. I had nice impression after this interview so I made my choice in favour of this company. After several month of working, I made sure that it was a right choice. There are really interesting projects, professional team here, and what is significant, you are willingly listened to and you will be heard, your efforts won’t be unnoticed. Approximately in a year I was trusted a position of QA Team Lead.

So my summary about working in DMD is the following: you have an opportunity to improve your skills here, meet new but interesting challenges, communicate with interesting people, and it is cozy here like at home.

Elina Dziminskaya, QA Team Lead


Having worked in a bank for many years, I started to think about changing my occupation. I had a lot of ideas, but I wanted to try myself in IT sphere. It wasn’t the random solution, because over the years my clients were different IT companies. After a vocation I visualized my future work. It was family-time small company with some traditions. In several months I came to an interview in DMD. My first impression was that the thoughts have substance and dreams can come true. It was calm and cozy office, there were newts in aquarium, nice girl (Office Manager) offered me tea or coffee, and of course the owners of the company, who impressed me so much, that I accepted an offer at once at the interview. The work in DMD brings me pleasure every day. Team works as one unit, everyone is aimed on common result.

Oksana Semakova. Chief Financial Officer.


DMD-binary is my first job as a QA Engineer. I remember how nervous was I at the interview, however I was hired. While working at the company I was able to improve my testing skills. Every day I see how professionals work and they inspire me to do my best.

One of the most important things for me is the team. My colleges are very friendly and always ready to help.

In future I want to develop my QA skills because I really like it and believe it is one of the most perspective directions in software development.

Elmira Palamarchuk, QA Engineer

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