The visit of our client from the USA

3 September 2018


The visit of our client from the USA

3 September 2018

Almost a year we have been working on the project for educational establishments with our client from the USA.

Recently, we have met each other in our company’s office.

Despite the distance of thousands of kilometers and great time zones difference, our client decided to visit us to solve common issues and to use the time most efficiently for the application release.

We communicated with our client in informal setting and had a small interview.

  -What are the advantages and disadvantages working with Ukrainian team?

  -You can find professionals in different directions in one team required for complex work on the project. The quality of the service provided is high enough, and the price is much less than in the USA. The time zones difference sometimes can even be convenient. While you are sleeping, developers from the other side of the Atlantic ocean made the work for you. On the other hand it can be a little bit difficult to synchronize the time for negotiation with all team. Sometimes misunderstanding can appear because of the language barrier. It was the reason that some problems were possible to be solved while communicating as much as possible.

  -Did you manage to solve the objectives while your visit to our office?

  -My visit is not over yet. But even now I can say that there are particular improvements in Android part due to side-by-side cooperation and frequent communication with the team.  We work closely on iOS part as well.

  -What is your impression about Ukraine and Kharkiv particularly?

  -It is my first visit to your country and I think not the last one. Kharkiv is the beautiful city with impressive architecture. I liked the restaurants I visited. The service is high level here, the food is tasty and the prices are rather low.

It was very productive meeting. We solved many important tasks for preparing to app release. And we are confident this meeting enhanced strengthening relations between our client and us.

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