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We are initiative expert team who specializes on mobile development, websites creation, back-end programmers and graphic designers. In our hands your project will go through full development cycle from an idea to the launch and the first profit under our manager's’ control. From the practice of our team results the average term of the first version launch is only 3 months.

Our developers, business analysts and project managers are experienced professionals and nice people. They will help you to succeed!

And now the list of things we can and will do for you:


    Co-Founder, IOS Department Lead


    CTO, Android Department Lead

  • Mobile development:
    iOS, Android

    It is our main specialization, and we are sure that the mobile development provides with the greatest opportunities. Mobile Apps guarantee more close contact to the user, high and entertaining interactivity and interfaces, which form addiction and dedication to the app. There is no mention of it in the desktop because of the specific interaction between the user and device.  


    We develop interesting and convenient mobile applications for operating iOS and Android, taking into account the peculiarities of each. Our experience has already been proved by our clients references and works from our portfolio.

  • Backend development:
    PHP, .NET, Wordpress, ModX, Magento

    The Backend development specialists are responsible for internal mechanism of the site and application which ensures the stable operation. We assume the formation and support of all connections and processes. We make sure our database, architecture, programming logics – programming-administrative part have high-quality link to frontend part.  We pay special attention to this connection, so the product will run smoothly as the result of forethought synchronization and frontend and backend teams working closely together.


    We create and support application functionality which will be stable regardless of the target load. All the further success of the application will be based on strong foundation of our Backend development.

  • Frontend development:
    HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, UIKIT, Bootstrap, GreenSock

    The website visitor will have positive visual effect which is achieved by our Frontend developers work. Esthetics and convenience are the main elements which user subconsciously assesses. And the pleasant impression will make him return and use your application again.


    We create design taking into account current trends and high usability what makes our products colorful responsive and user-friendly. Due to these advantages users enjoy interaction with our apps and get used to them quickly.

  • UI/UX design

    The better user experience each user have, the more successful your application is. Multidimensional and clear system which goes beyond the “friendly interface” is the key to the good application. We will study your audience, find its needs and satisfy it!  


    We apply our own technologies and focus on real data about user’s perception of application while creating UI/UX-design. We don’t forget about functionality which should stay reliable at a time of modern design. Being adaptive is standard of our applications what makes them look good at any screen.

  • BA & Research

    Business Analyst task is to turn client’s wishes into the algorithm for developer’s work and precisely clear tasks. In this way the result will correspond to expectations. BA department also will put the needed data together, will make its own marketing research and reliable forecast. So you can safely start your way to the profit with our professional team and its great set of tools.


    We ensure your project success to be predictable and we act in accordance with our specialists’ strategy. Tactical decisions will be developed before the beginning of work that enables us to act according to the plan and solve any force-majeure easily.  

  • QA & Testing

    Development, release and maintenance – the quality of the product is controlled on every phase of technological process. Our QA team monitors the compliance of set parameters and perfect functionality of your application. Our quality parameters are the obligatory assessment system of the final product. We check each product meticulously – it is important for us.  


    We track the quality of developed product. Our specialists will compose the testing plan, project all activities, perform it and analyze the data collected. Your application will be provided with an appropriate level of attention which ensures the success of the whole project. 

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