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Company management creates the future partner’s profile at the beginning of getting acquainted with the client. Two main items are included: client priority and role in the development process. Focusing on these two characteristics and working on providing the best route on the way to this goal is our secret of successful management. In this direction we operate with such instruments as development methodology and financial model. The detailed information is given below.




    Project Manager


    For whom?

    If you have SRS or you’d like to know the precise budget before the project start, fixed price is the best option for you. We will comply documentation, include your recommendation list and approve the procedure for work.


    What do you pay for?

    • The guarantee of work accomplished without additional charge and by the approved date.
    • Personal DMD Binary-project-manager, who controls speed of work and distributes the developers’ load.
    • Work of QA & Testing department and business-research of your project.
    • Bug fix and risks are included in the charge.



    Fixed price work will take place without your direct involvement but agreed on you and in accordance with the documents. Work is considered to be completed when the result strictly corresponds the documents and you approve it.


    For whom?

    If your project is difficult and multifunctional, the flexibility and opportunity to implement new processes constantly is important for the development process, this financial model will be the most suitable.


    What do you pay for?

    • Work schedule for your tasks and monitoring of implementation by DMD Binary.
    • Direct communication with developer and involvement in the process.
    • Tasks reprioritization in the process of development.
    • You define the criteria of work accomplished by yourself.



    We define developer’s qualification in accordance with your needs and choose the degree of Project Manager, Business Analyst and QA participation. The payment is estimated on the basis of hours for communication, correction, estimation and approval, and doesn’t include risk factor.


    For whom?

    The best financial model for those who have experience in digital-business, project management and need the qualified remote employee.  DMD Binary guarantees you beneficial cooperation and providing the employee with the working place and time for the work on your projects.


    What do you pay for?

    • Time which is spent only for your project development.
    • Direct communication with the person who performs your work and operational contact on all working issues.
    • Questions of priority are solved with the developer directly
    • The content of the tasks changes flexibly according to relevant needs.



    Project Manager, Business Analyst and QA are not necessarily needed in such form of cooperation that saves your time and budget. We will offer you the most beneficial rate for our developer’s services. You control the developer’s expenses and employment by yourself.


    The path from an app idea to the released successful product goes in several stages:


    1. Project description.
    You tell us the way you see the product: what is your project aimed for, key features which should be there etc.


    2. Project backlog.
    We take this idea and break it down into a detailed list of specific features the application will contain, assigning each item on the list its priority rank. This way you will be sure that the most vital parts of an application are first to be developed.
    Here you can see an example of such a list.


    3. Functional design.
    Based on the project backlog, we create use cases for each feature — describing the way it will look and the way it will work. You bring your commentaries and desired corrections if you have them. Finally, you approve the document when you see it is exactly what you would like it to be. Here you can see examples.


    4. Tasks for developers.
    Based on approved use cases, our technical lead forms a very specific step by step task list for developers to turn those instructions into complete features, gradually building up the application.


    5. Test cases.
    QA engineer creates detailed test cases list and then executes every single one to make sure the application works smoothly.

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